Our Approach

The traditional comforter is a compromise in design, meaning a compromise for our sleep. So we decided to reimagine it.

Setting things straight

Traditional comforters made from down (or other animal fibers like wool) come from animal cruel industries - primeval in this day and age and unacceptable to us all.

 However, the alternative (called "down alternative") is plain polyester - notorious in textiles and fashion as the least breathable material on earth. No wonder so many of us sleep hot!

This means when we buy a comforter, we're forced to turn a blind eye to cruelty, or settle for less.

Understanding this compromise is a moment of truth for any bedding designer - while other companies toe the line, we promise not to stop until we set things right.

How comfort is made 

We've all experienced that cozy, soothing feeling when we wrap our bodies in something soft and well-made. The CHARM's one-of-a-kind design and construction pushes this to the limit - replicating the high-loft, soft-feel, give-and-take compression of down - at an affordable price and without animal fibers like down or wool.

How did we do it? In our quest for the perfect comforter, we:

* tested over 85% of viable textiles materials

* made and trialed nearly 100 samples across a dozen prototypes 

* all alongside hundreds of test sleepers (you know who you are!)

* in just over 3 years of product development. 

It was persistence and rapidly-evolving bedding materials that made Charm: a comforter free of the compromises in traditional down and down alternative. It's always cozy, yet never hot; it feels just like down, and yet it's affordable; it's 100% natural, and also 100% cruelty-free.

Nature's got you covered  

For a new chapter in comforter history, we searched far and wide for better ingredients that are high-performance and cruelty-free. 

We construct each CHARM from natural plant fibers selected for comfort, durability and loft, and use man-made fibers where absolutely necessary. In our experiments across bamboo to corn to mulberry silk to beechwood to soy - we found lyocell - a textiles fiber made from eucalyptus trees. If looks and feels like cotton, but it's also hypoallergenic, cooling to the touch, and resists damp-related mold, mildew and mites.

We also use polyester when necessary - not the tropical-rainforest-under-my-covers kind - but a new format infused with natural volcanic ash particles. Each tiny particle increases the surface area of the yarn, and with millions in each CHARM, more surface area means more contact with air means real-time evaporation and moisture removal. 

This new material is called 37.5 Technology - now used by your favorite performance apparel brands. See what WIRED magazine had to say!

No more middlemen

We cut out the middleman, and make the comforter ourselves (and have been for 20+ years). All the money retailers spend on marketing and real estate is priced into their products and pushed onto you. We cut out the cost of retail, reducing the cost of each comforter by over $150. 

How does it work? 

Unlike traditional down or down alternative comforters (which are designed only to trap heat), the Charm comforter uses natural volcanic ash to "breathe" out any unwanted, extra heat and moisture.

How? We infuse polyester fibers with millions of tiny volcanic ash particles. Every additional particle increases the surface area of the fiber - and with millions of particles - the surface area of the fibers are actually multiplied several times over.

If you remember from middle school science - more surface area means more contact with air, which in turn means faster rates of evaporation! Check out this WIRED article for more!

We keep it simple too - instead of solely using polyester like the typical down alternative comforter - which does not breathe at all - we use a natural, cooling and breathable plant fiber called lyocell for the majority of the comforter construction.

How do you care for it? 

With a duvet cover (which you can of course wash regularly) your Charm comforter can keep itself clean - its eucalyptus fibers helps it stay naturally clean of any damp-related mold or mildew (which accumulates in down comforters) and also resists dust mites (and other microbes and pathogens). Typical spot cleaners can also be used, if necessary. 

If necessary, you can machine wash your Charm - but we strongly recommend simply taking it once every 6 months to the dry cleaner.

Your Charm is made from ingredients to love and care for, and dry cleaning will ensure it lasts a lifetime (as most home washing machines aren’t designed to handle a comforter, and when soaked and heavy can be damaged).

How can I maximize the effectiveness of my Charm? 

Our own Charm duvet cover is coming soon!

In the meantime, we recommend pairing it with a duvet cover made from cotton or linen (or any other natural material). Not only will it breathe better, but you'll save water by not having to wash the comforter itself regularly (see wash and care tips above)!

What exact ingredients are used?

There are 3 ingredients in every Charm.

70% of the entire comforter is lyocell - a natural textiles fiber made 100% from eucalyptus trees - it feels like cotton but is cooling and hypoallergenic. The remaining 30% is a new polyester-like material (developed by scientists in Colorado) called 37.5 Technology - it uses natural volcanic ash (infused within every yarn at a microscopic level) to make polyester breathable. It's rigorously tested and now used by apparel brands like Lululemon and Adidas for its performance qualities.

Oh, and there's also an unquantifiable amount of pure, undiluted love! 

What should I know about volcanic ash? 

The microscopic and all natural volcanic ash in every Charm is similar to the volcanic ash in baths or wraps at a high end spa.

In our comforter, this ash small is enough that 10,000 particles fit on the period at the end of this sentence - and they're fully infused with the fabric fibers at a microscopic level. It doesn't leak or fade or wear with wash (and we're happy to send you the testing results to prove it)! Because it's actually inside the makeup of the tiny fibers in the comforter, there's no way it can "come off" in any way.

How does the 100 nights actually work and what happens after?

For 100 nights after receiving it, you’re welcome to return your Charm comforter if you're not absolutely in love with it! Just drop us an email at concierge@charmsleep.com, and we'll send you a box to return it in, postage already paid.

As long as the comforter is in good, working condition (i.e. we see no signs of mistreatment or ill use) we'll refund your money the second we receive it! Oh, and returned comforters are donated to homeless shelters (and people who could really use their cozyness and warmth) here in San Francisco.

What’s the thread count? 

320 threads baby! It's enough to feel light and soft, but not so much that it won't breathe!

Is there a lifetime warranty?

There's a Lifetime Warranty! If your Charm is defective or damaged without having been mistreated, we'll take it back and send you a new one.